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Fucked Up – Epics In Minutes LP
Fucked Up - Demos 7"
Fucked Up - Demos 7"
Sale price$9.99
Guerilla Toss - Smack the Brick LP
The Vandals - Oi To The World! Live In Concert LP (White Colored Viny, Limited Edition)
The Jesus Lizard - Blue LP (Colored Vinyl, Blue, RSD Exclusive)
Glenn Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn? LP (Colored Vinyl, Purple, Black, White, Splatter)(Preorder: Ships January 19. 2024)Glenn Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn? LP (Colored Vinyl, Purple, Black, White, Splatter)(Preorder: Ships January 19. 2024)
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Land of Sleeper LP
F***ed Up - Rivoli 2LP (Clear Vinyl, Magenta, Black, Gatefold LP Jacket, Smoke)
SS Decontrol - Kids Will Have Their Say (Trust Edition) LP (Preorder: Ships December 8, 2023)
Chrome - Blue Exposure LP (Colored Vinyl, Blue)(Preorder: Ships December 22, 2023)
Scream - DC Special LP
Scream - DC Special LP
Sale price$25.99
Shannon and the Clams LP - Gone By the Dawn LP (Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition)
The Chats - Get Fucked LP
The Chats - Get Fucked LP
Sale price$29.99
Alkaline Trio - This Addiction LP
Reagan Youth - The Poss Tapes: 1981-1984 LP (Colored Vinyl, Blue, Poster)
The Replacements - Songs For Slim LP (Colored Vinyl, Red, Black, Sticker)
Alkaline Trio - Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs LP (Black and White Vinyl)(Preorder: Ships January 26, 2024)
Fat Mike - Gets Strung Out LP
The Frights -  Hypochondriac LP
Colored Balls - Heavy Metal Kid LP
GG Allin - Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies LP
Green Day - Saviors LP (Pink and Black Vinyl) (Preorder: Ships January 19, 2024)
Flux of Pink Indians - Neu Smell LP
The Ataris - Anywhere But Here LP (Yellow & Black Splatter Colored Vinyl)
The Chats - Get F***ed LP (Australian Pressing)
Sonny Vincent - Snake Pit Therapy LP (Translucent Blue Vinyl)
Rancid - Indestructible 2LP (Red and Black,Anniversary Edition)
Discharge - 1980-1986 LP (White Colored Vinyl, Gatefold)
Black Flag - I Can See You LP
Black Flag - Annihilate This Week LP
Black Flag - The First Four Years LP
Black Flag - In My Head LP
Black Flag - In My Head LP
Sale price$26.99
Crass - The Rehearsal 2LP
Crass - The Rehearsal 2LP
Sale price$32.99
Descendents - Somery LP
Descendents - Somery LP
Sale price$47.99
Rancid - Honor Is All We Know LP (Blue Vinyl)
UK Subs - Reverse Engineering LP (Yellow/Black Splatter Vinyl)
The Nips - Bops, Babes, Booze and Bovver LP
Planet on a Chain - Boxed In LP
Faith - Subject To Change (Plus First Demo) LP
The Adolescents - Live At The House Of Blues LP (Blue/Light Blue Splatter Vinyl)
Anti-Flag - 17 Song Demo LP (Silver Vinyl)
Dead Kennedys - Live at the Deaf Club LP (Gatefold)
Samiam - Soar LP (Blue Haze Vinyl)
Agent Orange - Bloodstains LP (Orange/Red/Black Splatter Vinyl)
T.S.O.L. - Who's Screwin' Who? Greatest Non-Hits LP (Color Vinyl, Gatefold)
Don't Fall In Love with Yourself Blu Ray
Bad Breeding - Human Capital LP
D.R.I. -  Violent Pacification & More Rotten Hits 1983-1987 LP (Red Splatter Vinyl)
Television - Demos 1974-1975 LP
The VSS - Nervous Circuits + 25:37 2LP