Vinyl Style VS-P-011 Archival Quality Inner Sleeves 50 Pack

Vinyl Style VS-P-011 Archival Quality Inner Sleeves 50 Pack

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Vinyl Style VS-P-011 Archival Quality Inner Sleeves 50 Pack

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Vinyl Styl Archvial Quality Inner Sleeves are lined with high quality Anti-static rice paper to ensure your records reject static electricity that would reduce your sound quality or that can damage your stylus needle & vinyl by attracting harmful dust particles.

The Vinyl Styl™ Archive Quality Inner Sleeve provides the ultimate in protection: We use 3-ply non-scratching HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethlene) This material is gentle on the record grooves, has anti-static properties and is inhospitable to mold and mildew growth. A piece of contrasting colored anti-static rice paper is sandwiched between the plies to add rigidity and integrity to the sleeve so that is will not crumple and fold when sticking the record back into its outer jacket.


ACID FREE construction ensures no risk of vinyl deterioration or label discoloration over time, safely preserving your most prized vinyl records –this is the proper way to store your pain-stakingly-built vinyl record collection

These exact fit inner sleeves are engineerd to perfectly fit a single 12" record into a 12 Inch record jacket. This reduces the chance of the sleeve jamming or bunching up when it is inserted into the jacket.

Anti-Static design

Better Protection = Better sound!

Premium sleeves provide added protection to your valuable record collection.

Sleeve diminsions = 12.125" X 12.125" - Fits all 12" records